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The Sagola 4600 Xtreme Air Cap is interchangeable with both the 4600 and 4600 digital spray guns.

⚠️ Only compatible with 4600 Xtreme models. Find the New Sagola 4600 Air Caps here.

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Sagola 4600 Xtreme Air Cap

Configure how you spray in 20+ different ways. Each air cap can be used on 4600 and 4600 digital to customize the look and feel of your spray. See the size guide above for some of our recommended configurations.

  • Interchangeable Parts
  • Consistent high quality finishes
  • Low Maintenance

Sagola 4600 Manual

Sagola 4600 Exploded View

Reliable & Interchangeable

1. Stainless steel nozzle that provides optimal paint flow allowing for fast and smooth applications.

2. Product regulator with a flow indicator ring that allows for precise measurement of flow.

3. No metallic or plastic external parts used in the air distribution. This makes the cleaning process easier

4. Air valve that allows for accurate set up of air pressure. Precise “soft flow” valve that does not wast paint.

5. Interchangeable air caps with different colors for easy identification.

Low Maintenance

6. No seals and gaskets in the product area. Made without air diffusers, blind chambers or threads that are in contact with the paint/product/material. Metal in metal contact making this gun extremely easy to maintain and clean.

7. One piece automatic paint packing gland that minimizes the potential for damage and breakage. Mush easier to remove from the gun when cleaning.

Making Your Job Easier

8. Ergonomic aluminum body that is anodized forged. Light and perfectly balanced.

9. Stainless steel trigger increasing operator comfort and reducing fatigue. Smooth trigger flow.

10. Organize your guns with color coded identifiers. Easily manage multiple spray guns.

11. Balanced ergonomic handle.

Kit Contents

  1. Air Cap & Needle/Nozzle Kit
  2. 650ml (22fl oz) Reusable plastic gravity cup with product mini-filter
  3. Wrench for removing and fitting the nozzle and all servicing needs
  4. Color code identifiers perfect for identifying guns when there are multiple painters (x3)
  5. Cleaning brush
  6. Key Assembly for changing the air valve
Needle/Nozzle Aqua Air Cap Common Applications
1.20mm Finishes & Waterborne Paints
1.25mm Low Viscosity & Waterborne Paints
1.30mm Waterborne Paints
1.35mm High Speed Waterborne Paints
Needle/Nozzle Clear Air Cap Common Applications
1.20mm Low viscosity Clear coats
1.25mm Low viscosity clear Coats
1.30mm HS Clear Coats
1.35mm Clear Coats & HS Single Stage
1.40mm High Speed Clear Coats & HS Single Stage
Needle/Nozzle HVLP Air Cap Common Applications
1.20mm Low viscosity Base Coats
1.25mm Low viscosity Base Coats
1.30mm Water & Solvent Based Clear Coats
1.35mm High Speed Clear Coats
1.40mm Single Stage High Transfer Clear Coats
Needle/Nozzle Titania Air Cap Common Applications
1.20mm Low viscosity Clear coats
1.25mm Low viscosity clear Coats
1.30mm Clear & Base Coats
1.35mm clear coats & Single Stage

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Air Caps

Aqua, Clear, HVLP, Titania


4600 Xtreme, 4600 Xtreme Digital


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